About 911 Alert

When emergencies happen, you want to be prepared. You want to know that you have the tools you need to respond effectively before you actually need them. This is what responsibility is all about: planning for contingencies so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The more support that you position for yourself, the more confident you can be about your safety. 911 Alert, is an app that automatically sends a text message to as many as ten preset contacts when you dial 911 on your cellphone. Additional features within the app include:

     * Your emergency contacts are able to locate and track you from the text sent through the app.

     * Your emergency contacts will have the ability to chat with you and/or each other to share information about what is happening, what possibly needs to be done and/or what sort of help you may need.

Our FREE subscription gives ONE emergency contact, upgrade for just $4.99 a year and receive up to TEN emergency contacts. 

Live alone? Over the age of 65? Concerned about a loved one? This is the app for you! 

To learn more or subscribe visit www.911Alert.app.

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